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    Computer acting funny?
    10 Warning Signs your computer may be infected: 1) computer gets hung up at randon times and becomes unresponsive 2) Programs run so slowly that you don't even want to use your computer. 3) Computer is slow to shut down or boot up or won't shut down at all unless you press and hold down the power button 4) You notice that your web browser has one or more toolbars that you didn't install 5) Unable to load certain websites or your browser is re-directed to random websites 6) Strange advertisements and/or pop ups 7) You get a warning that you need to update your antivirus software from a program you never installed. 8) Your hard drive makes continual noise or constantly spins, even when you're not using your computer. 9) Find yourself out of storage space on your hard drive, but you haven't done anything unusual. 10) Your friends start receiving emails or messages from your social networks asking them to click on an attachment link.
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