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Lara Bracamonte, Attorney At Law
There are many people who don’t have the courage, strength, or knowledge of how to stand up for themselves. I strive to be the voice for the voiceless, whether that’s a teen in trouble, a woman in an abusive situation, a father struggling to gain parental rights, or any individual charged with a crime.
Over the last 10 years, I have earned a reputation among my legal peers (defense lawyers, trial lawyers, prosecutors, and judges), for being compassionate but tough. They know I am a determined proponent who communicates effectively with jurors and clients.
I have a thorough background in all aspects of family, criminal, civil, and juvenile law. I am a fierce debater, which makes me a resourceful advocate for my clients. I love the Law, the challenge of tough cases, and the immense satisfaction I gain in being the champion for my clients. I particularly enjoy partnering with my juvenile clients, as their guardians often don’t know how best to help them navigate the legal process.
I represent clients in all North Texas counties. My daily goal is to provide attentive, dependable, and trustworthy counsel and representation. At the end of the day, I want justice served.
If my client is not guilty, he or she deserves to be set free. If he or she is found guilty, it’s my job to ensure the punishment doesn’t exceed the crime. Just as my clients are held accountable, so we must hold police officers and the State accountable for staying within the Law.

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