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    About Us

    Opened in 2013 on private Rainbow Lake overlooking the nearby medical district, Broadmoor Medical Lodge is Rockwall?s unparalleled destination for post-hospital recovery, skilled nursing, as well as long-term care. Located just minutes from top area hospitals, on Medical Drive, Broadmoor has quickly developed a reputation for exemplary medical care in a comfortable environment. Included in our unique medical features is an on-site physician exam room with enhanced imaging capabilities. This rare amenity allows us to facilitate physician-administered x-rays and other imaging to track recovery progress and modify program approach and goals. Best of all, having the ability for these services to be carried out on-location means you or your loved ones don't have to struggle with transportation and long, wait-filled visits for exams and imaging performed offsite.

    Equally unique is our rehabilitation wing, where meals, therapy and a well-equipped gym are used by short-term rehabilitation guests during their stay. While rehab guests are also welcome to use any of the shared community features, Broadmoor's rehabilitation wing provides centralized care for those recovering from a surgery, accident or any other transitory medical need.
    Guests arriving at Broadmoor Medical Lodge will be greeted with a welcome basket, filled with essentials and fun perks like a beauty salon voucher, family meal ticket and more. That same care and hospitality is extended throughout a guest's stay as our highly-skilled staff delivers outstanding medical care with patience and compassion.

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