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Just Breathe Salt Spa and Sauna LLC

Just Breathe Salt Spa and Sauna LLC

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First established in 2020 in the heart of Rockwall, Texas, Just Breathe Salt Spa was opened to bring the benefits of halotherapy and infrared sauna to the communities of North Texas. Offering both a luxurious six-person salt suite, with its himalyan salt 'beach' and softly glowing salt wall, as well as a brilliantly modern glass-walled salt booth, we provide access to halotherapy in a clean, relaxing, and friendly way. Our Infrared Sauna Booth features multiple entertainment and treatment options, and is a convenient way to reap the many benefits of sauna use without inhaling the hot air in a traditional sauna, which can be hard on your lungs.

Under new ownership since early 2023, our mission is to continue to represent halotherapy for all of our salt-curious community members, who increasingly welcome this all-natural and drug-free method of bringing wellness and symptom relief into their daily routines. Ultimately it is our goal here at the new Just Breathe to become a community hub for locals who want to connect with like-minded people, who are exploring the concept of wellness and 'healthspan' in their lives, and who are ready to learn from, and teach, the rest of us who are on that same journey.

We also have a retail store, where the focus is on sourcing and offering access to high-quality, clean-ingredient, and functionally effective wellness products - sourced from local producers and small businesses, whenever possible.



Salt Therapy Booth - seats up to 2
Salt Therapy Suite - seats up to 6
Infrared Sauna Booth - seats up to 3
The Spa is Open!
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