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Git Er Done Home Remodeling LLC

Git Er Done Home Remodeling LLC

Remodeling- Construction & Home ImprovementConstruction

About Us

Git Er Done Home Remodeling LLC is a locally owned and operated home renovations company that serves the Rockwall and surrounding areas! Specializing in all kinds of renovation work including kitchens and baths, painting, flooring, office space conversions, staircase remodels, and much more!

Our company was founded on the principle of doing things right, the first time! When its comes to craftsmanship, value, integrity, and trust, we are unmatched! Our dedicated team of professionals have decades worth of combined experience paired up with a passion and love for their respective trades. Moreover, our partners are committed to providing all of our customers with a top-notch customer experience to make your next project as painless and easy as possible!

Our founder, Robert Ridlon, has many years of experience under his belt, and is able to discover unique solutions that can make your house the dream home you have always wanted. He has worked for several other home services companies in the past; both as a laborer and a foreman. Everything from delicate finish trim carpentry to rigorous foundation repair; he has had hands-on experience and gained multitudes of knowledge in many different sectors of the industry.

If you are ready to experience the next level of customer service, quality, integrity, and value; call us today to schedule an appointment! We are fully insured, BBB accredited, active in the local communities, and family owned!


  • Quality Materials
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Family Owned
  • Community Engagement and Involvement
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Rep/Contact Info

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Mr. Robert William Ridlon

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