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Mow Pro's Landscape, Design, Trees, & Irrigation

Mow Pro's Landscape, Design, Trees, & Irrigation

Landscape & Lawn Maintenance Lawn & Garden - Construction & Home Improvement

About Us

Mow Pro's is locally owned and operated by Matt Keever in Ennis, Tx. What started in 2008 as a small company offering lawn and mowing services, has now grown into a full-service landscaping & design company that caters to residential as well as commercial properties.

Our primary focus is providing quality customer service through our wide range of services. Our specialties include; flower bed installation, landscape/outdoor lighting, masonry and stonework, turf putting greens, patios, walkways, retaining walls, irrigation systems, landscape design, and tree service/care.

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Gallery Image 278077481_3119803648305556_4471958492252031466_n_(2).jpg
Gallery Image 277810918_3119803488305572_4994651625399167923_n_(2).jpg
Flower Bed Installation with Stone Borders and Hardscape Accents
Southwest Landscape Install in Ennis, Tx.
Potted Red Yuccas-Perfect for Low Maintenance Accents
New Woodland Landscape Installation with River Rock Borders
Landscape Design Render-We can help you visualize any landscape!
Palms Installed Around Pool
New Flower Bed Stonework with Brick Cap
Gallery Image Chop._Stone___Brick_Border.jpg
Agave Americana
Gallery Image 273029526_3071450333140888_8204003826495466057_n.jpg
Gallery Image 273117595_3071450556474199_6083707385126370283_n.jpg
Gallery Image 272765974_3068656843420237_6519254200856128523_n.jpg
Gallery Image 119649811_2700754720210453_6184540167561457376_o.jpg
Austin Mortared Stone Border
New Modern Walkway
Gallery Image 208179767_2913802555572334_2229634769260577340_n.jpg
Disappearing Fountain & Patio Installed
Gallery Image black_gravel___rock.jpg
Gallery Image 278049301_3119165125036075_4665877940993782567_n.jpg
New Flowerbed Install & Stonework
Southwest Poolscape
Chopped Stone + Brick Tree Ring
Gallery Image 278712870_3129072000712054_9184939265382452699_n.jpg
Gallery Image 96790229_2618706408415285_1007081041448587098_o.jpg
Gallery Image Sisters_Backyard_2.jpg
Gallery Image thumbnail-7_(3).jpg
Gallery Image thumbnail-5_(5).jpg
Gallery Image thumbnail_(18).jpg
Gallery Image 182535413_2873776236241633_111085498946217763_n_(2).jpg
Gallery Image IMG_3872_(2).jpg
Gallery Image IMG_3878_(4).jpg
Gallery Image unnamed_(12).jpg
Gallery Image 128994736_2766770293608895_5542094793881897594_n.jpg
Gallery Image 217836434_2928324800786776_256379476440083918_n.jpg
Gallery Image 214958544_2921328048153118_4111767433005754798_n.jpg
Gallery Image Stacked_Chopped_Stone.jpg
Gallery Image 92609872_2568344443451482_5539522318709030912_n.jpg
Gallery Image 162026784_2839382356347688_3990879096269533126_n.jpg
Gallery Image 103332271_1532869070225672_1240607277870831741_n_(3).jpg
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