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#1 in DFW for Electrostatic Disinfection. Our non-toxic application eliminates allergens, viruses, bacteria, germs, and odors. Don't worry, our product is safe for kids and pets, and is okay for all surfaces. We won't leave a residue you have to clean and there are no harsh masking scents. Your business or home will smell fresh and clean. Our process is the most comprehensive way to disinfect. As the application leaves the electrostatic gun it is given a positive charge. All of the things in our environment like tables, chairs, light switches etc are negatively charged so the law of attraction applies. The application is able to wrap around objects and get into all those impossible to reach places for a complete disinfection. Let us make your business or home safer. Give us a call today at 888-NTX-MIST (888-689-6478).


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Sideways BBQ at the Harbor in Rockwall
Sideways BBQ at the Harbor in Rockwall
Sideways BBQ at the Harbor in Rockwall
Sideways BBQ at the Harbor in Rockwall
Three Amigos ready to help!
Bagel Lady Cafe Rockwall
Bagel Lady Cafe Rockwall

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